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Ion Cleansing Foot Bath Sessions in Charlotte, NC

Remove injured cellular debris and detoxify your body with a relaxing and healthy ion cleansing foot bath from Serenity Health Care. This process generates a stream of positive and negative ions (charged atoms), which attract and attach themselves to oppositely charged toxic particles and draws them out of the body through the skin. Each session takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

How Does The Ion Cleanse Work?

The human body is like a giant ionic magnet that attracts and holds onto ionic toxins. Heavy metals, partially oxidized fats, unassimilated proteins, cholesterol deposits, uric acid, plague, lactic acid and the vast array of chemicals that pervade our water, air and food attach themselves in ionized form to joints, organs, arteries, nerves and tissues. These toxins disrupt normal body functions creating an environment for disease, allergies, and immune system problems.

Ion generating technology has been around for several decades. With this technology the secret to our successful footbath process uses an alternating positive and negative ion charge during the treatment to pull unwanted toxic material from everyone regardless of the electrical charges the toxin may hold. The ion process created is very similar to the body's active-sweating and osmosis processes. Come to Serenity Health Care in Charlotte, North Carolina for your cleansing Ion footbath. Call today for the next earliest appointment. Your body will thank you.

Ion Foot Bath Sessions

Before Footbath
Before an Ion Cleansing Footbath

After Footbath
After an Ion Cleansing Footbath

Available at Serenity Health Care

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Serenity Health Care is the place in the Charlotte North Carolina area to get a professional hydrotherapy colon cleansing treatment. Call (704) 713-7145 today to make an appointment. Your Good Health is worth it.
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