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Enjoy life to the fullest. Get rid of toxins in your body. Improve your Health in a natural way. Hydrotherapy is Safe, Easy, Effective, Natural Cleansing with Water.
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Welcome to Serenity Health Care

Bobbie Pallante specializes in providing Colon Hydrotherapy for the cleansing of your colon. Watch the information videos to get a better understanding of how this works, who needs it and whom it may benefit.

Hydrotherapy Colon Cleansing may be beneficial to people suffering from constipation, diarrhea, sluggish colon, and intestinal toxemia. By cleansing your colon you may be able to assist in bowel training, preparation for diagnostic study, barium enemas, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, surgery, and after pregnancy.

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Serenity Health Care is the place in the Charlotte North Carolina area to get a professional hydrotherapy colon cleansing treatment. Call (704) 713-7145 today to make an appointment. Your Good Health is worth it.
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